1. Tender Preparation Phase

Call for advice: Since joining to the EU, certainly the question of how to take advantage of the opportunities from this has arisen in you, too. A lot of tenders appears, but to find the appropriate tender and to properly prepare the application materials require a lot of work, expertise, and being up-to-date. This is what Complex Company Group can help you in. We would like to know you if you are a private person, or a representative of a company, a non-profit organization or a self-government. We can find the tender which appropriate for the given situation and useful for your development, we prepare the application materials fittingly, help in the design and in the full implementation of the project.

Tender monitoring Come to us, let’s discuss your plans for the future. The more we get acquainted with your ideas, the more we know what kind of project would contribute to the advancement of your company and the kind of tender needed for that. If there is not any appropriate tenders, we continually monitor the calls, and let you know if a proposal fitting our ideas is received.

Strategic planning: Strategy is a word of Greek origin, meaning “the art of war”. In business, the aim of strategic planning is profit maximization, which is the key to the long-run sustainability of the project. The efficient use of resources needs to be planned, realistic, achievable goals need to be set for obtaining a tender.

Creating project plans: During the planning of a project, we always visit the representatives of the area, all those who may be affected by the given project. For strategy development, we visit the key people from the community who know a lot about the life of the given community, whom opinion is listened and appreciated by many. By them, we get acquainted with the problems, needs, requirements, so the plan of the project being accomplished can offer solutions to the real problems.

Project generation: We always search for tenders which give answer to the problems of the specific geographical area, can help the development of the area, and are in accordance with the candidate’s aim. Among them, we select those which are the most worthy for implementation.

Cost-benefit analysis: Also known as feasibility study, it includes change analysis, financial analysis, economics analysis, too. Cost-benefit analyses made by Complex Company Group are always verified technically, we ask for the help of designers, operators for estimations. The purpose of the analysis is to make a project being implemented from a won tender financially viable, moreover, to make the quality of service sustainable for long time. During analysis it is a further aim to avoid oversupport, so the candidate gets subsidy enough only for the implementation of the goal.

2. Execution Phase

Creating project plan: Based on data found and information collected, we start to summarize the basic plan of the project. The preparation of the project is based on what we want, too, so based on this, we thoroughly consider the goals to achieve and the tools for the implementation. After all, the main point in a good project is exactly the goal orientation, and to expose the benefits of the target group resulting from this.

Project management: The well-thought-out strategy is indispensable for the realization, so we also pay attention to the pillars of practical implementation. At the same time we are also aware not to exceed the budget. We also take risk factors into account, and provide the correct, appropriate division of labour, too.

Project controlling: We also involve professionals in project implementation. With appropriate expertise, they can be helpful for us in advising for implementing the project in the right way and in time. A further aim of Project controlling activity is also to assist the work of the project leader implementing the whole project from the beginning to the end.

Tender and support managementOur task is the realization of managing the different phases in the project cycle in a coherent and effective way, and systematic tracking of this process, too.

Project administration: In the implementation of projects, administration is also a key scope of duties. From the most basic administrative tasks up to archiving invoices, many small details also need to pay attention to. In many cases this includes the organization of roadblock, too, besides the translation, summarization of documents, transaction and archivation of correspondence (post). We pay a lot of attention to these, too, since all of these result in transparency as well as flexible working.

Support (funding) drawdown:We try to offer the maximum in all areas also to the party who finance the project. For funding, applications (entreaties) and documents related to the accounts (payoffs) are crucial. Rely it on us, and we prepare everything from stem to stern and take action in time.

Providing publicity, project events Our company group agrees to make any project- and public-related duties during project management. This includes all of those marketing and PR tasks which introduce and endear the result of the implementation of the project to the environment. Whether it is the writing of PR articles, press appearance, operating project website, press conferences or making commercial videos, we can stand in the gap in all of these. We even make the project-related guides, leaflets and advertising booklets, brochures. Project events also have an important role, so we organize project opening and closing events, standing receptions, too.

3. Aftercare

Tender monitoring, follow-up: We put heavy emphasis on the full enforcement of our partners’ aspects, so we are continuously monitoring every tender managed and conducted by us until the end of the full maintenance period. Follow-up is one of the most important element of the workflow, it is a specifically highlighted one in the sphere of services of the European Union, so to perform this is also our job.

Financial accounting:We also provide precise financial accounting for the usage of the competed funds after summarizing and checking expenses and entries which accumulated during administration.

Preparation of reports: We constantly monitor all project-related activities, and also make the obligatory reports required for the next season. This is an important reference of results for both the client and the supporter.

Project-closing administration: Project-closing is usually realized by the checking of the location or locations, but of course we perform the connected administrative activities, too.

Preparation of maintenance period: The series of our activities and services ends with the preparation of the maintenance period. Based on the Support Contract, the applicant has to confess the maintenance and operation of the project after its implementation until the end of the 3rd-5th year (varies by instances/supports) counting from the completion of the project. We prepare annual reports during the management of the maintenance period..