Tiszaparti Horgászparadicsom Ltd. competed for a topic in Touristic Development of Services within the framework program of Northern Plains Operational Program. The tender called „Establishment of Nature Trail in the Backwater of Bread Factory of Tiszalök” (code number ÉAOP-2.1.1/H-11-2012-0046) was found worthy for support in July 2012 by Managing Authority.

Total project cost: 29,547,138 HUF
Support: 20,682,996 HUF
“Kenyérgyári Holt Tisza” (“Dead/Backwater Tisza of Bread Factory”) or “Morotva” (mortlake, bywater) situated on the boundary of the town could be the attraction, one of the main eyemarks of Tiszalök. The nature trail is intended for the visitors of the morotva to not just spontaneously take a trip to the area, but to draw their attention to the values of the natural environment, flora and fauna.
Waterways, planks make walking on the nature trail exciting and cozy. Along the 2.2-km-long nature trail, 13 information tables provide references on the history and wildlife of the environment. Among the most special elements are the 230-meter-long water plank row, 2 pieces of bird-watcher (legged house) as well as a bird insight.
Summary: The implementation of the nature trail has been finished.