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Kis-Tisza Ecocenter will be implemented in the area of Tiszalök, with the project opening event took place on 07/11/2014. The overall construction is expected to be finished in July 2015. The investment is expected to give at least six new workplaces to the town. The amount of funding won is 222,421,853 HUF.
The primary aim of the Ecocenter is to highlight the importance of environmental education, as well as that the public could come to know the concerned but yet untapped Mortlake of Tiszalök.
Thanks to its natural endowments, the Backwater of Bread Factory of Tiszalök is an excellent destination for touristic developments. The value of the backwater and its surroundings is enhanced by the fact that it has rich and in some cases unique flora and fauna. The fauna of the mortlake is extremely diverse, this area is the home of countless species of fish, amphibians, molluscs, aquatic birds and mammals, of which a significant portion fall to the protected or strictly protected category.
The Ecocenter provides an opportunity to widely present the living flora and fauna of the backwater and nearby areas. In addition, it can play a significant role in training and education for environmental education purpose schools, kindergartens and conservation organizations.
The implementation of the development would occur in two separate buildings. A central community center and a host building would be placed next to each other. The host building would include, among others, a model shop, a cafeteria, an exhibition hall and the necessary social blocks. In the model shop, selling of local, unique products would be possible.
The one-storey central building would have a conference room, a research and observation room, an exhibition room, as well as two training rooms.
The center is planning a multi-site research activity, moreover, the organization of field practices, eco-touristic and traditional (heritage) programs related to environmental education.