Dan Tamás

Complex Complay Group – President and CEO

Welcome to the webpage of Complex Company Group!

I am pleased to introduce the past and the present of our Company Group for you, moreover, of course, our ideas for the future.

The founder of the Company Group is Complex Jog-Ász Management and Service Ltd., which was established in Tiszavasvári in September 2011. The company deals with legal consulting as well as business management consulting since its foundation. Initially, the main activity of the company, besides providing legal expertise, was the preparation and signing of contracts. The Ltd. has been operating in Tiszavasvári since its inception.

Thanks to the hard work of the recent years, Complex Jog-Ász Ltd. has grown into a company group and became the founder and leader of the consortium of 6 business associations. Among members of the company groups are Hajdú-Bihar County Development Agency Nonprofit Ltd., Akribia Union Ltd., Centrum Tender Ltd., Natural Group Ltd., Tiszaparti Horgászparadicsom Ltd. Nowadays the group’s main activities include the production of various business plans, project preparation, implementation and complete execution, domestic as well as international market research and preparation of competitor analysis.
The company has accomplished the development and implementation of a number of tenders in the past to years. Thanks to this, economic and touristic facilities of European level will be realized in some settlements of the Northern Plains region soon. These investments, in addition to the creation of many new jobs, can give new economy-boosting impulses to the region. Besides the economic development, we put high emphasis on the use of renewable energy sources in every tender, and even in the course of planning we take different horizontal aspects into account, too.
Tenders which typically related to onsite development, touristic investment, within that ecotourism and attraction development are realized among applications, but investments of non-profit nature also enriches the series of projects. In the case of the latter investments, mainly environmental awareness, environmental education, habitat protection and restoration are considered to be the main directives.

We believe that successful developments, investments can be launched even in the Northern Plains region with a less fortunate position, at least if we would reach the proper goals with the help of proper people. We believe that precious dreams being born in this region are not “doomed”. We believe that these can be carried out by the diligence of people living here, by the potential resources in the region, as well as by hard work.

Complex Company Group will continue to undertake the preparation of tenders from the phrasing of demands to the full implementation. We continue to provide legal and business counseling for our customers, and, of course, we carry out the preparation of business plans as well.