Relevant Tenders, Writing and Designing of Tenders, from Stem to Stern!

Complex Company Group is the result of the consortium of 6 companies. It owns remarkable social capital in the Northern Plains region. This fact promotes the goal to provide full range of service for companies working here (or being established in the future) from the observation of tenders through the writing of tenders to the complete implementation works.

During our projects it is possible to meet in person regularly, we can continually monitor the full realisation of tenders, we can take immediate and appropriate measures in case of potential problems.

Whether you are a contractor, representative of a local government or a non-profit organisation, do not leave the writing of tender and the implementation works to chance! Our professional experience and routine of many years received on the tenders can help you as well.

Let’s join our forces to bring ideas, jobs, life to the Northern Plains region, let’s use the potential opportunities of the European Union!

Complete writing of tenders and other services


Stay up-to-date with the proposals and relating news. Complex Company Group sends the currently displayed proposals to you. All you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter.

Project generation

We collect those tenders which are appropriate for your company and your possibilities and are helpful in developing your company, then we choose the most worthy one for implementation.

Writing of tenders

During the writing of a tender we not only prepare and write the documents, but lend a hand until the realisation of the given project. After all, a piece of paper about an EU-source won in our hands is very slim.

Monitoring of tenders

Make an appointment, tell us your ideas in person or even via e-mail, so we can find the right tender for you. If there are not any proposals close to the implementation of your ideas for the time being, we continue to monitor them and inform you of the potential opportunities that appear later.


We would like to know your company and ideas. It is likely that you have a vision that you want to implement, but in the course of a personal conversation, knowing the possibilities of tenders, it is possible that entirely different aspects, different viable aims may also be considered. If you become familiar with the work of Complex Company Group, you realise that anything can evolve from a conversation.

Monitoring/aftercare of tenders

Winning an EU source is great pleasure, but the real test only begins afterward, events are revved up. Proper aftercare, accurate administration of events, reporting to the contributing organization are important since the reporting obligations must also be met. Complex Company Group assumes the task of full monitoring and keeping contact with supervisory bodies.

Our Most Recent Project, the Kis-Tisza Ecocenter

  • 2015 16th, March

Take a look at our photos of the project opening event…

Kis-Tisza Ecocenter will be implemented in the area of Tiszalök, with the project opening event took place on 07/11/2014. […]


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Current projects in our region

  • Infrastructural
  • Touristical
  • Machine Acquisition
  • Equipment Acquisition
  • Research and Development
  • Other

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